How do you commemorate a life in a space?

City: Guangzhou (广州)
Duration: 2.5 years
Jobs Held: >4
Houses Lived In: 3
Friends Made: [SYS ERROR: unquantifiable]
Fell in Love: Once (didn’t realize it until later)
Defining Moment: Smoking a cigar in that window of my Jiangnanxi apartment
Greatest Achievement: Learning to throw (in the sense of a ventriloquist throwing a voice) my sensibilities, thereby consistently achieving previously unavailable patterns of behavior; which is to say, learning to govern my behavior and not vice-versa
Greatly Missed: Deeply-felt certainty re: life and its purpose


City: Haikou (海口)
Duration: 10 months
Jobs Held: 1
Houses Lived In: 1
Friends Made: 1
Fell in Love: Once (see: Haikou, Friends Made)
Defining Moment: Night before I left, sitting on the beach with her; going to play in the water for a bit; coming back to find my backpack had been stolen; not caring at all; her inability to process my indifference
Greatest Achievement: Surviving in a completely Chinese work environment. (See also: Haikou, Fell in Love)
Greatly Missed: See: Haikou, Fell in Love


City: Beijing (北京)
Duration: ~4 years
Jobs Held: 2
Houses Lived In: 4
Friends Made: <10
Fell in Love: Once (didn’t realize it until later; I used to think it was 3 times)
Defining Moment: [SYS ERROR: insufficient emotional distance from source material]
Greatest Achievement: Holding, and not completely failing at, a real job with real clients and real consequences (better late than never, eh?)
Greatly Missed: [EXISTENTIAL ERROR: inability to answer this question is the impetus behind this post]


City: Hangzhou (杭州)
Duration: TBD (calculation to begin on or around Feb. 28, 2017)
Jobs Held: All and none (self-employed)

Houses Lived In: 1 (by a river and a fishing pond)
Friends Made: TBD
Fell in Love: TBD (optimistic)
Defining Moment: TBD
Greatest Achievement: TBD
Greatly Missed: TBD


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