The forward march of

Lately I’ve been alternating between this blog and an honest-to-gob physical paper journal for my daily diaries. Between the two, I manage to make an entry about once every three years or so. You do the math.

Had a weird idea the other day and decided to run with it. Will be personally financing a piece of concerted weirdness cum social commentary. Hand-drawn diagrams have been hand-drawn. Secret experts have been secretly consulted. Have just sunk my first sum of monetary money into equipment (about $180 in real money). Here goes nothing.

Don’t worry. It’s not illegal or subversive. If I ever get myself thrown into jail I’ll be sure it’s for a hard crime, like jaywalking or… or… or like jaywalking for a second time.

I leave you with a visual bit of “And now, in Shanghai…”IMG_5940.JPG

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