Beijing is going to be absolutely gorgeous after they get over the whole pollution thing. It’s surrounded by the most splendid green hills you can imagine. Today I saw them against the deep blue morning sky, a horizon jagged and crisp. It’s the second time I’ve ever been able to see them from inside the city, and the first time I could see that they were green.

A friend made fun of me for having to spend such an rare and incredible day on a work trip to Shenyang. Joke’s on him, though. He was stuck on the ground, looking up at the sky and marveling at how pretty it is up there. I was actually up there, marveling in a much more direct manner. It was indeed the perfect day for a double flight; a perfect day to remind a jaded generation why were so gung-ho about figuring out how to fly in the first place.

Coming back into Beijing I looked down on the endlessly rippling hills and for a moment saw them as snapshot of a vast emerald ocean on the verge of eruption. It’s a novel phrase, but I’m sure you can imagine what an ocean would look like if it erupted. For a moment I saw the frame unfreeze, the peaks and valleys roiling into each other, shades of green crashing and frothing up into the sky. Almost fell out of my chair. Good thing they make sure you strap yourself in. Glad I was not on the ground during that particular hallucination.

Been staying up almost all nights to make calls to a foreign country in which we’re trying to win a project. Slept on the couch next to my computer every night for about a week now. Couch is comfortable. Thinking of subletting the bedroom.

Got 2.5 non-work projects on the burner now: got myself selected to translate a book that is still in the process of being written in Chinese; got myself selected to write a book in English that will then be translated into Chinese; co-hosting a podcast in Chinese about random topics. The last one counts as a .5 because of the 10 or so episodes we’ve recorded, none have been edited to the point of being able to put online.

With any luck I might end up accidentally enjoying something I get paid for. For now, I’ll keep trying to convince the world to smile while the next big luxury product is rammed down its throat. I guess I could stop, but then how would I ever be able to buy my own luxury products?

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