For the sake of putting words on… whatever blogs are on.

2pm. Crossing an intersection. Cheap car awkwardly blocks an expensive car’s right turn. Expensive car honks, cheap car doesn’t move; expensive car honks more and more, cheap car doesn’t move; expensive driver turns red in the face and begins cursing idiots, illegal cab drivers, and uncivilized hicks, cheap car doesn’t move. Expensive passenger gets out, knocks softly on cheap window and politely asks if cheap car could be moved; cheap driver responds courteously and moves cheap car, apparently never aware that the honking was directed at him; expensive driver continues to fume.

Moral of the story: words spoken to gratify your hissy fit are less communication than masturbation, and one should under no circumstances masturbate in expensive cars at busy intersections. It’s illegal, as I understand.

Also, honking is annoying.

Good night. My new apartment is still a mess.

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