Shreveport Regional Airport

Flight DL 5145 for Atlanta leaves from gate 9 in 29 minutes. From there I’ll switch to DL 129 and lay over in Seattle before heading to Beijing. Because, as you know, I live in Beijing.

Well, you might not know that, because if you follow me via my blog, then you haven’t heard about anything that’s happened since my 4 year-old grad school computer reached such a point in its glorious decomposition that it finally wandered out of usability.

That’s a mixed metaphor but I have no time to change it. The flight is boarding now. So, to update all of you as quickly as possible:

I stayed in Haikou, unemployed, for about five months.

I actually went on that dating show, FCWR.

I thought it was horrible but the editing made it good.

It got me a job offer in Beijing doing event marketing for car brands.

I moved to Beijing three months ago and am in the States to get my work visa.

I’m finally legal.

I finally have a usable computer.

I’m going back right now.

The blog is wiped as clean as my history of illegal employment. Hope you enjoy all the blank space around here. I made it just for you.

From the Shreveport Regional Airport, this is your captain Zhou Shuhua speaking. Welcome to the new age, and hope you all have a pleasant journey.

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2 Responses to Shreveport Regional Airport

  1. Mom says:

    JOSH!! We loved your summer visa run. So far all we have found left behind is one black sock, left in the dryer. So don’t throw away its mate and they can be reunited next trip. Love you, Mom

  2. Mom says:

    …and your book in Chinese. We found that too. Happy travels!

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